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April 20, 2010

Who said economics would be boring?

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What we do

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What we actually do here in Swden is very much connected to the fact that we are both students. I’m taking my second semester at Lund School of Management and Economics and Winson is making great progress in his Swedish language studies. We go to school a few hours a day and then we spend the rest of our time studying at home. We cook and dine at home every day, we take walks in the nearby parks, I go to yoga classes and we do grocery shopping. Occationally we do other kinds of shopping, we visit my family in my home town or catch up with some of my old friends. And we watch some movies, do the laundry and waste too much time on facebook.

So. Boring? No, just not very inspirational to blog about.

April 19, 2010


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I miss it over there. the food the weather the people. even annoying mandarin homework

and all the rest

the feeling of adventure. of that life is extraordinary. which makes me putting a label on myself

a Swede living in a foreign country (which in Swedish would be utlandssvensk). so I’d like to become again. where and when?

Living in Malmö feels so…. I don’t know. still figuring. what will come next. cold. lonely (empty streets, not true but comparatively). boring? yet, I like it. for now. we keep busy. life is steady. but longing for the other things. just for the sake of longing?

watching Spring come is beautiful

and melancoly was invented in Scandinavia? cause it really sucks. and it really rocks.  few know longing as we do. But this time I’m happy. magical moments. with no painful side effect. My Winson baby calls out bedtime: Kom hem!

I’m home for now

March 13, 2010

Nina Persson & Malmö

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March 2, 2010

Promenad vid havet

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March 1, 2010

Spring is coming!

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Snow’s been dropping from the roof tops

Turned into rain

While there’s a renaissance of Yoga happening to me

There’s another exam coming

I’m happy

Cause today it’s March 1

Regardless of weather

It’s officially SPRING TIME

and what we do in Sweden

is celebrating

February 13, 2010

2月11日Malmö 市立圖書館 新年秀

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— 發送自我的 iPhone

January 24, 2010


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I still don’t know how to share that playlist.

January 19, 2010

In stereo

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We bought new speakers today. I’m still confused if it was the best of idea. The thing is, I couldn’t make up my mind if it was more important to be able to connect CD or iPod, Tv and DVD or just my computer. So, in the end I was thinking of how I actually can access everything through my computer  and that great sound was main priority – I let my father, whom we could refer to as a musician, take us to his favouit shop. Walked out with a pair of speakers and a audio mixer.

At this moment, the result might be a messy room with cables forming a giant spider web on the floor, but the sound is really great. Even mono. (Cause turned out we didn’t have enough power seats to supply them both. Let’s say we still have some additional shopping to do…)

Anna Ternheim

Anna Ternheim

I don’t know how far outside my country this lady (sounds like I’m reffering to someone old, but she’s not) has taken her music, but as I really enjoy what I’m currently listening (went buying new speakers todayto – well, why not share it? It’s also an experiment of sharing Spotify playlists.

January 16, 2010

Tentaångest, language-blogging and big brother is watching

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While I’m pretending to study – not only pretending, I’ve been studying a lot today but not anymore – I’m also thinking about starting up another blog. Because… well, just because I’m. Or will. Even though there’s already too many of them out there. Blogs. Anywho (as my friend Lee says), the blog could maybe go back to what it was supposed to be – a link, a forum for our friends.

Just one thing. A slightly concerning thing. What language to use?

Obviously, English is not my best one. Supposedly, blogging in English is my best school. (Later moving on to Chinese or why not Spanish and German?)

When I was ten I wanted to become a writer. Nowadays, most people already are. (With all those blogs around!)

It’s Friday night, nearly 11 p.m. and my exam is due in 15 hours. (It’s bookkeeping, by the way). I’m flipping through text book for our coming class – which is is actually an American book “Micronomics and Behavior” and I’m thinking, hey, this could be really interesting weeks to come. And I’m blogging a post to post – suppose – in this hyper cyber world where everyone could be watching (but no one really is, is he? Or she? Whatever)

Which leads me to:

Swedish “Radiotjänst” rang me up this afternoon to ask if anyone in my household pay the required so called TV licence. (We’re not. Not yet. Been considering not too. The whole thing is a matter of political values. Or a matter of annually saving 2000 SEK). When I told him I’m not – yet – he told well, it’s not been too long since you bought your TV on 27 December in Elgiganten (Swedish retailer for electronics). And I’m just focusing too much on being nice, promising to pay the bill. Hanging up, I was confused. And I got mad. Really mad, and scared. Cause, hell no, whenever I buy a TV, no one should be reporting to anyone. It’s my business only.

Should we shut this the whole web down? Which means no more blogging? In order to avoid watching back. And forth. Sideways.Credit cards and internet combined is a scary system of controlling, or at least watching people.

Now, the moment of truth – is the domain “dream of horses” available? An then, I’ll be watching 下一站,幸褔  – my latest obsession (not yet obsession, but I feel it coming) of Taiwanese dramas. And guess what? I access it online 😉

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